Tepleton is an underlying cross-chain technology with strong security, high performance and solid consistency. Tepleton team as the first one globally proposes FinBlockchain, the abbreviation of Financial + Blockchain, and defines it as "an open, reliable, efficient and decentralized economic era built upon the blockchain technology ". In 2018, blockchain geeks and experts from all over the world deeply investigated into the market and came up with Tepleton the name of which pays tribute to Sir John Templeton. Tepleton recognized as the ultimate solution to the finance industry combines Delegate Proof of Stake (DPoS) with BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance). This design not only guarantees fast transfers of information and value on the chain, but also, with inner isolations among Centers and Areas, well protects the network from malicious attacks. More and more decentralized applications will be integrated into Tepleton ecosystem where three products are currently being developed – TANK-Quant, TEP digital asset wallet and TEP-Card. Our goal is to boost the growth of blockchain-based finance where individual assets can be fully controlled and protected. As Tepleton becomes mature and popular, more and more people would join in the Tepleton communities as contributors to further increase the value of it. We expect Tepleton ecosystem as a fully decentralized economy where users are able to operate and manage. Keep exploring!
Underlying Cross-chain Protocol

It allows interoperability among existing blockchains where the assets are issued and controlled by different validators. It also allows seamless inter-blockchain transfers of value without relying on a third party.
DPoS + BFT Consensus

The hybrid consensus mechanism, notable for its simplicity, performance, and fork-accountability, maintains a steady balance between security, efficiency and consistency
Scalability & Security

Based on the strong demands for timeliness, high concurrency, high TPS and other dimensions in commercial scenarios like finance, scalability and security are key performance indicators that play significant roles in blockchain applications.
Anonymous P2P Transactions

Transfers of information and exchanges of token are completed on the blockchain without the participation of third parties. The P2P transactions are entirely anonymous and processed across the world.
Top-tier International Team

A number of professional development engineers and cryptographers from big Internet companies and leading blockchain projects in the world are gathered to jointly work on technical difficulties and build technology architecture.




AI-based Quantitative Probe
AQP is the core of Tank-Quant and an advanced digital investment system which collects real-time data from hundreds of well-performed exchanges. It automatically takes hedging, arbitrage and other strategic trading at a high speed and frequency by precisely calculating periods, price and economic indicators. AQP is able to deliver orders within 20 milliseconds when market opportunies appear.
Tank-Quant is a distributed strategic trading platform that leverages sophisticated technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data, AI, Crawling and Cloud Computing. It is developed, on the basis of Tepleton Cross-chain Protocol, by world-leading blockchain engineers, experts in quantitative trading, big data analysts, senior AI engineers, programmers, etc. Tank-Quant aims to serve for global investors and help them control risk, get knowledge of market and maximize benefits.
TEP-Card is a secure and reliable digital asset bank card featuring globally convenient transfer and fast settlement. Based on the Tepleton protocol and jointly developed by uniting the financial institutions in the world, it provides users with a cross-border payment settlement experience of “global accessibility with one card”. TEP-Card will reconstruct the cross-border payment and settlement industry, enabling customers to make quick transfer of assets freely and optimize their assets allocation.
A multi-chain wallet can be created by backing up one private key. After an identity is created or restored, a sequence of words for mnemonic is required to enable users to manage multiple wallets at the same time, such as TEP, BTC, ETH and EOS. The backup and management processes are tremendously improved. Tepleton wallet will synchronously support storage and transfer services for multiple public chains, such as TEP, BTC, ETH, BCH, EOS, LTC, ETC and USDT, and for over 10,000 cryptocurrencies.
Tepleton Multi-chain Wallet



95 global nodes that are meant to memorize Mr.Templeton and distribute across 7 datacenters on 5 continents are capable of processing thousands of transactions per second. This outstanding performance is maintained even in the extremely hostile conditions, with validators crashing or broadcasting maliciously crafted votes.

More global nodes are being connected ...

Four Phases of Tepleton Mainnet Development
Phase I
Alpha Test of Mainnet
During Phase I, the state of network and its security cannot be fully guaranteed. Transfers are not available. Users, however, are able to stake TEPs on super nodes to generate blocks by which users could receive mining rewards.
Phase II
Mapping & Token Migration
When alpha test is completed, TEP holders vote to decide if token migration should be implemented. Once the mapping is done, users have to keep TEPs on mainnet in order to participate into Tepleton ecosystem.
Phase III
Protocol Completion
IBC protocol will be tested and released. All application-based blockchains can be connected to Tepleton Center and easily communicate with other blockchains; BAI protocol is completed to make information and assets transfer smoothly.
Phase IV
Boom Period of Tepleton Ecosystem
Tepleton blockchain can meet various needs from different industries, especially that from the finance industry. Tepleton protocol will be fully open sourced that allows developers from all over the world to build applications on Tepleton blockchain and boost growth. Tepleton ecosystem will be self-sustained and collectively maintained by every participant.
Roadmap of Tepleton Ecosystem
In the context of TANK-Quant V2.0 to be launched soon, Tepleton officially started Tepleton Fund of Funds (TFoF) with a total value of $100,000,000 which is used to globally invest in upstream and downstream FinBlockchain enterprises and projects. In addition to investing in Tepleton-ecosystem applications, the scope widely includes the primary market, secondary market, exchanges, wallets, mining pools, Dapps, communities and media.
equivalent value of cryptocurrencies with $100,000,000
Line of Availability to Public
5,000,000 unites of TEP to be raised for Round 1. The raised TEPs will be translated into USDT with equivalent value according to the exchange rate at the time of investment and be stored in the fund pool
Investment Threshold
1,000 units of TEP minimum to invest
Investment Time
October 1st to 15th. Fundraising ends anytime when the fund pool spills over
TFoF Management & Operation
Lockup Plan
It is officially announced that the TEPs raised will be locked up for one year and not be sold to the secondary market. Lockup address(es) will be shown to the public. If the pool remains capacity until fundraising ends, Tepleton team will fill it up with equivalent USDT
Use of Funds
The uses will be announced to public through Tepleton official channels
Management & Operation Fee
2% annually (net asset value *2%)
Yields & Returns
Dividends are paid monthly to investors according to the investing proportion
The dividends to early-stage investors will be settled with USTD/BTC and transferred to their original address(es); The time and proportion to distribute dividends shall be subject to official announcements and updates.
Repurchase Plan
TFoF distributes dividends monthly. Tepleton Foundation receives 30% - 40% of dividends which will be used to repurchase TEPs in the secondary market. The repurchase details shall be subject to official announcements and updates.
To Participate
Scan the QR code
to get involved in TFoF program
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Tepleton Intelligence

Global Enthusiats and Developers of

Tepleton Protocol
Founding Team
Technical Engineer
Belokamensky was graduated from Lviv University of Trade and Economics. He worked at many world-known companies, such as Adidas, Nike and Sberbank. With 15- year+ experience in product and 4-year+ experience in decentralized application design, he, as the chief technical engineer, developed cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and Dapps for dozens of projects. He ever led the team and developed several products that ranked top 1 paid app in App Store. He is proficient in the front-end and back-end design of Internet products and blockchain products and has a profound insight and understanding to blockchain, big data and AI.
Taiwo Ogunseye
Senior Technology Architect
As the Senior Technology Architect of Tepleton’s core development team, Taiwo Ogunseye began to engage in blockchain and bitcoin in 2013. He is a top engineer and a technical geek on blockchain, with master’s degrees in computer and business management from the University of East London and the University of Houston respectively. He once worked at CollaboGate Debit, Amazon, Tezos UK, Apple and many other well-known companies as key technical personnel and technical consultant. He has organized and participated in hackathons and won several season championships. The early researcher and builder of Bitcoin’s first branch Name-coin technology, the early proposer of the DPoS + Byzantine Fault Tolerance hybrid mechanism, co-founder the open-source PoolWell.
Gen Chia
Co-founder and COO
Gen graduated from Nanyang Technology University in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (rank 6th in the world and 1st in Asia). At the same time, he started his entrepreneurial journey and since then ventured into various industries, such as Creative Agency, IPO & M&A Agency, Digital Advisory, Tech and Blockchain Startups, raising millions in investments for his projects. In recent years, he founded Singapore Blockchain Advisory and Financial Services Alliance (bafs) with an international committee to provide financial and consulting services for dozens of international corporations. He assisted in the public listings of a few companies under K.C.Chia & Noor in Singapore, Malaysia & Hong Kong. Apart from that, his previous blockchain-related projects range from Aranium, Dream City and
Bruno Miguel
Co-founder and CTO
Gabriel.M.Wilson is a multi-lingual person who knows English, Spanish and French. He was graduated from the University of Warwick with a master’s degree in Computer Science and Business Management. As a financial technical architect, he worked at many world-renown companies, such as Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, PayPal and Kraken. He has been dedicated to combining cryptocurrencies with quantitative technology and developed an investment analysis approach called KROC that assisted him to earn 325% returns from a project. He did many cutting-edge researches on the underlying technology of blockchain and blockchain finance and published papers such as Construction of the underlying structure of blockchain and Direction of the blockchain in the field of quantitative finance. He is
Jaden Tao
Founder and CEO
Jaden obtained a master’s degree in Applied Economics and Business Analytics at UCLA. He is a serial entrepreneur and an outstanding community member of Global Economic Forum. He started his entrepreneurship in the blockchain industry since 2016. As CEO of BeiPoP, he gathered tremendous experience in project management and operation. In addition, he was designated as chairman of International STO Alliance. His business acumen made him capture the opportunities investing in worldwide leading blockchain projects.
Technology Consulting Team
John Barrett
Quantitative expert and cryptocurrency investor
The quantitative investment fund founded by John Barrett currently manages more than $1 billion. He is a finance genius who obtained a master's degree in finance from a top university in the world when he was 19 years old. He worked for AQR Capital Management, the world's top hedge fund. He is a cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts, investing more than 200 projects in the blockchain industry worldwide. He is confident about the combination of quantitative finance and cryptocurrency.
Kormac Shrram
Cypherpunk, computer scientist and cryptographer
Kormac is proficient in 10 programming languages, 3 database languages and 6 technical development tools and familiar with 2 operating systems and 6 web server applications. He focuses on the researches on security of smart contract and distributed consensus algorithm, with innovative ideas on blockchain consensus mechanism raised. Many famous international projects refer to his articles and researches. He also does deep researches on the design of game-theory-based motivation mechanism. He co-founded PoolWELL, a project that attracted many technical enthusiasts and made great impact on current decentralized cryptocurrency mining pools. He is the early participant in Satoshidice.
Divalet Mabar Ezillel
Computer scientist and cryptography expert
Divalet is one of the developers of Bitcoin Core and an active participant in Freedom Community. He obtained a doctor’s degree in computer science at Tel Aviv University which is famous for the researches on smart contract and cryptocurrency. He did deep researches on the design of game-theory-based motivation mechanism. He developed an open-source security analysis protocol called Totore based on Bitcoin network and smart contract of Ethereum. He also participated in the early design of Zero-Knowledge Proof.
Collaboration & Partners
Collaboration & Partners
Node Capital
Consensus Lab
JD Capita
BUBI Capital
DS Capital
QianYuan Capital
TG Block Capital
FK Capital
Mars Finance
Partnership Whitelist



“Global Super TEP Eco-community”program
It aims at carrying out Tepleton eco-community co-construction globally, and accelerate the process of FinBlockchain era. According to the distribution plan of Tepleton’s token TEP, at most 20% of the TEP will be used for the eco-community incentive program, releasing 2% each year. The eco-community that have passed the review and verification and joined the eco-community will get certain amount of TEP reward, and the “Global Super TEP Eco-community” will use TEP for community development, stimulating and leading the community members to carry out Tepleton ecological construction. Blockchain communities from the US, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea have responded to the program. Sharing and win-win are the essence of TEP eco-community construction, and Tepleton official encourages the global quality communities to sigh up for the incentive program through official channels.
How to participate

  • Submit the application materials

  • Wait for review

  • Community incentives

  • Public display

Consult right away

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The display of the first batch of “Global Super TEP Eco-community”

Dunton Community
LBK Community
CXC Community
Cloudwallet Community
"Global Super TEP Eco-community”Incentives

The first batch
The second batch
The third batch
The fourth batch
The fifth batch
To be determined
To be determined
To be determined
Check out for details
The demonstration of community achievements


Start using TANK
TANK is a distributed digital asset investment and trading platform based on the Tepleton cross-chain protocol, which integrates blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence technologies.TANK aims to create an AI distributed digital asset investing and trading platform with maximum revenues, strict risk control, and accurate market trend, so as to serve the global digital currency enthusiasts, investors, and traders.
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