Ten blockchain top capitals are rushing to invest? High-quality employers have bet on Tepleton


This year, it was called “the year of cross-chain” by the industry. The Tepleton team is a blockchain new financial solution based on the underlying cross-chain technology. It is the first to propose the concept of “blockchain new finance” on a global scale. It is based on traditional finance and blockchain finance. It is also a tradition. The cross-border bridge between finance and emerging finance has promoted the development of the new financial industry in the blockchain and opened up a new pattern in the industry.

According to the Tepleton team, the new financial industry in the blockchain is still in the early stages of development. The imperfect infrastructure construction has led to the obstruction of coordinated operations between the same blockchains and the formation of “value islands”. The Tepleton protocol is the key to realizing the value of the blockchain network, and it is the bridge for the expansion and connection of the blockchain. Through the underlying cross-chain technology, the main network of blockchains in the decentralized world is linked to break the industry embarrassment of “value islands”.

It is reported that the TEP project is open 2 hours after the opening of the conference, and the number of online readers exceeds 3 million. TEP was launched on the first day of the 7th exchange, KEX exchange TEP online trading 5 minutes, an increase of 923%, BIKI exchange on the line 5 minutes, an increase of 665%.


The blockchain is booming and the cross-chain heat is increasing day by day. It has gradually affected the market structure. More and more capital institutions have also noticed the commercial financial changes brought by the blockchain, and they have begun to assemble the top resources in the hands of the layout block. Chain future.

Tepleton has been favored by various high-quality capital since the project was launched, and has accepted ten high-quality talents on the white list of early investment.


Low-key entry to the employer's squad - Creation Capital Node Capital Consensus Laboratory Qianyuan Capital

Creation Capital
Chuangshi Capital Group is China's leading financial institution in the service blockchain industry. The company includes three major segments: Digital Money Fund, Deep Hatching and Investment Banking. It focuses on venture capital in the blockchain industry and is committed to mining the best quality early projects. It has the ability to provide comprehensive, life-cycle quality services for potential blockchain entrepreneurship projects at any stage of the market.

Node capital
Since the establishment of the node capital, the node capital has been deeply distributed around the blockchain industry, and has invested and served a group of representative enterprises. The invested companies include Golden Finance, Fire Coin, Kushen Technology and so on. They are at the key points in the industry chain and promote the healthy and stable development of the blockchain industry in their respective business areas.
Consensus quantification of parent funds
The consensus quantitative parent fund is a fund of the Consensus Lab. Consensus Lab is an institutional investor involved in research, investment and incubation integration in the blockchain field established by Fred Wang. Consensus Labs is one of the major investment institutions in China's blockchain industry, focusing on technology platforms, infrastructure and international projects related to investment and blockchain. At the same time, Consensus Lab is one of the founding members of the Nova Club.

Qianyuan Capital
Qianyuan Capital is committed to building a full-chain investment ecology. It reduces capital costs, improves investment efficiency, and innovates investment strategies through “disintermediation” and “de-intermediation”. It believes that capital markets and the real economy are supported by innovation and entrepreneurship. The era of development has arrived.

Investment preference, actively embrace the blockchain - FK Capital TG BlockCapital

FK Capital, TG BlockCapital

All of them belong to US capital, and global investment is turning to blockchain infrastructure development, gradually arranging the Asian market.

 Jiuding Capital

Focus on investing in cryptocurrency, digital assets and blockchain technology.

Young capital is poised for growth - Bobby Capital Dongsheng Capital Luo Paisi Fund

Bubi Capital
A quality emerging blockchain investment institution worldwide.

Dongsheng Capital
Dongsheng Capital is an emerging institution that focuses on the entire chain of industrial chain investment. The breakthrough in the globalization layout and blockchain technology has always been the focus of Dongsheng Capital's investment in the blockchain field.

Robes Fund
The Hong Kong Lopes Group is one of the few large-scale integrated services organizations in Hong Kong that employs a professional international team and specializes in global trade and financial services.

Founders Roger. Luo and Mr. Mark. Gu have a deep understanding and research on the financial and trade markets in Europe and Asia, and are committed to using financial innovation to create more opportunities for global economic development.

It is not surprising that the Tepleton team can get the trust and love of all parties, because Tepleton almost satisfies the hard conditions of the blockchain new finance.

First, the team has experience in Silicon Valley and has a tradition of focusing on technology accumulation and product landing. Second, the Tepleton project has experienced long-term market research and technology precipitation, and the blueprint for product function and positioning is very clear. Third, the new block finance that Tepleton is aiming at is a new track and a “hard demand” in the asset field, which has broad market prospects. This can be seen from the layout of many high-quality capitals in the blockchain field. .

The Tepleton team said that the investment will be mainly used for research and development, development of new features to expand its services, and to achieve the next phase of growth. A partner of the company clearly stated that Tepleton has three attributes of strong technology, strong team and strong market, and will be the dark horse that sprints the mainstream currency this year. In the future, Tepleton will work with more high-quality professionals to open the blockchain new financial era.

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