The community requirements
a. The total participants of communities: 30,000 +
b. The total number of communities: 100+
c. “TEP Effective Community”:50+ (The standards for effective communities)
d. The number of the real fans on the community’s social media platforms: 20,000+ (Wechat official account, Weibo, Bihu, Knowledge Planet, etc.
Ask Section
a.Tepleton original articles
b.Tepleton publicity videos
c.Tepleton emojis
d.Tepleton project online voice lectures in the communities
e.Tepleton project (news flash, articles, videos, posters, weekly reports) updates in the communities
f.Tepleton project weekly reports
g.Tepleton community publicity plan
KPI Assessment
Daily KPI assessment table for the communities
KPI Indexes
KPI Indexes
The number of participants
The number of people expressing ideas in the communities
The quality of communities
Effective topics
The content of communities
The number of advertisement
Effective chatting
The number of community activities
Assessment Procedures
① Invite the TEP volunteers to join the group chats to do assessment (assessment period: 3 days)
②The communities that have passed the assessment will become the “TEP effective communities “and enjoy community incentives
③Volunteers do KPI assessment to the communities everyday, and if any communities fail the assessment three days out of one week, they will not get any rewards in this week, and if they fail two weeks out of a month, they will be disqualified the “TEP effective community”
Community Rights and Interests (second batch)
1.Get 10,000-30,000 pieces of TEP community incentives from Tepleton official, to promote the community construction and Tepleton ecological development.
2.Earn the pre-election quota for the "Global Super TEP Eco-community" consensus nodes, enjoy the block generating rights, and nodes bonus.
3.If chosen as the “Tepleton lecturers”, enjoy 200-500 TEP rewards
4.Be granted a “Global Super TEP Eco-community “digital certificate that has globally exclusive serial numbers.
5.Have the chance to be invested to attend the Tepleton global conference as special guests
6.Have the chance to display the community LOGO in the events Tepleton holds, and the publicity materials.
7.If the communities hold offline meetings, or promotion activities to promote Tepleton projects, they can submit the executive plans, and if the plans are approved, these communities will gain TEP rewards from Tepleton
8.Earn the quota for attending the global Tepleton creation anniversary event.
The final interpretation rights of the above-mentioned activities belong to Tepleton official.